What type of roofing materials do you use?

We mostly do asphalt shingles and less frequently metal shingles.

How long does replacing a roof typically take?

Generally a day to day and half.

How can we get an estimate?

You can either fill out a form or call for an appointment.

Do we have to be out of the house when you are replacing the roof?

It's not necessary, it is going to get pretty loud so it's up to the customer's discretion.

How do you calculate the number of shingles I will need for my roof?

You measure by the top of the peak to the rake (x2), then from the ridge to end to end.

Why is there discoloring in my roof?

It could be the adhesive seeping through or algae.

What kind of ventilation can I use on my roof?

Either stationary box vents or ridge vent

Should I paint my house before siding takes place?

You would need to paint your house after the siding is done because you'd have to seal it first.

My home was damaged by hail, what is the turn time to fix this?

It usually takes 15-30 days if insurance is involved.

I got my check from the insurance adjuster for hail damage, now what?

You'd deposit that into your bank account then write our company a personal check. Payment isn't required until day of install.

Will you work with my insurance company to help me move forward with my roofing job?

We are happy to help in this process, assessing the damage and then deal with the insurance adjustor for the customer.

What sets you apart from your competition?

Our motto is that we treat your home like our own, making sure we leave the property better than when we got there.